Fountain of knowledge

Ages 10 to 11

Why not take a chocolate fountain into your science lessons? You will be surprised at how much your pupils can learn from it - and have a lot of fun.

Children are often hindered by a lack of scientific vocabulary at the end of their key stage 2 assessments. To embed much of that used in our science unit (QCA Unit 4D solids and liquids), I took a chocolate fountain into the classroom and we enjoyed the delights it can bring.

As a healthy school, we served strawberries on skewers dipped into the chocolate.

Naturally, the pupils had immense fun, but it was a wonderful opportunity to show chocolate in its solid form, apply heat to produce a liquid form and let it solidify once it had cooled down. We repeated the process again to show it was a reversible change.

The scientific vocabulary flying around the classroom was amazing, as one pupil pointed out: "Oh no, the chocolate has solidified on to the chair."

Kari Anson teaches at Ladygrove Primary School in Dawley, Telford

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