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Frankie Sulke

Frankie Sulke, head of initial teacher training at the TTA, has been linked to the TTA scheme since it started. She had the difficult task of rescuing the needs assessment materials when the first attempt went badly wrong. She keeps up a resolutely positive approach and consistently resists criticisms.

"The evidence that we are getting is that people are quite positive about the training," she says. "If there is one success it is that the ownership has been put with schools and teachers to decide who they want to go with and to decide that they don't want a 'one size fits all'. Schools can choose providers who will fit their particular needs and their priorities. We have been encouraging providers to give more information so that schools can make a good decision. Schools and teachers an choose to phase in the training when they want to. This whole training initiative should not be seen as additional to everything else. The whole point is that it helps teachers to teach in their everyday job more effectively and become more confident and competent about using the technology."

Sulke looks ahead with confidence: "I am not being negative about LEAs but the training has to be tailored to schools and teachers. As the programme rolls out, every aspect of it is improving. It is not an LEA's role to point to particular providers.

The focus of the training is still on using ICT in the classroom, deciding when and when not and how to use it. Sulke feels that this is an idea that has filtered its way into the system and it is now what teachers are asking for.

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