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Techniques for helping children with ADHD and minimising classroom disruption are explored in All About ADHD, an information booklet from the Mental Health Foundation. It is aimed at teachers, parents and professionals. Suggestions include rearranging the classroom so that the disruptive child is sitting near to them and away from distractions such as windows, and giving pupils with ADHD special responsibilities so other children see them in a positive light. Contact 020 7535 7420, website:

Workforce, the provider of specialist asessment and guidance on training and employment for young people with special needs, has published a Handbook of Good Practice in Training Assessment and Guidance. It is aimed at professionals helping young unemployed people to gain the qualifications, skills and confidence they need to enter the world of work. The book was developed by YouthTurn, a partnership of organisations in the UK, Ireland and Italy and is available on their website at or from Workforce, 123-125 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3BX, tel: 020 7613 4467.

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