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Free us all from shackles of the exam system

The centenary article regarding curriculum change ("Subject to change", TES Magazine, 22 April) began with the assertion that "leaving teachers to get on with it has never been an option". In fact, for Independent Association of Preparatory Schools members, that freedom is exactly what we value.

Unlike maintained schools, we are answerable to ourselves and not the latest Government target. However, it is true that the curriculum is "subject to change" and there are numerous reviews going on. Unfortunately, today's teachers are hostage to the syllabus set by any exam system, and any curriculum reflects this "teaching to the test" as a consequence.

Our response to the national curriculum review is a plea for freedom, so that schools can use a national framework as a guide without being tied to a prescribed curriculum. Independent schools relish such freedom and we hope it might be extended to all.

Julie Robinson, Director of education and training, IAPS.

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