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Freed from school

LEE Jackson joined Workstart (see above) in November 2000 when he was 15. "My school thought I would make better progress here," he said.

"I didn't like GCSE lessons at school. I couldn't get my head around them. The class work was too hard. I would have dropped maths, English and history if I could. The only thing I liked was PE," said Lee who attended King Ecgbert School. "My mum used to write down all the answers for my homework and try and explain them to me. I felt really stupid."

Since attending college, 16-year-old Lee has discovered a flair for physics and is getting top marks in his group. He will take GCSEs in English, maths and the sciences and has secured an engineering job starting in the summer. "My attendance at school used to be 25 per cent but at college it's 100 per cent. I've got a lot more confidence."

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