Freedom factor

Pete Roythorne takes to the road in search of a no-ties digital life courtesy of Samsung

Apart from the fact that it's sleek and light, the first thing you notice about the Samsung X05 is "Wireless Communication" inscribed just above the screen catch. And one of the first things it does when you turn it on is to search for any available wireless networks, even straight out of the box - I was thrilled to discover that one of my neighbours had an unprotected network - thank you Samsung. This is a machine designed for "Digital Freedom" (another inscription, this time on the internal speaker).

At 2kg this is certainly not a weighty laptop. However, the only slight quibble I have is that to fit it in my laptop bag I have to remove the battery pack - which protrudes about an inch from the casing. Admittedly, though, this is a very simple process.

Battery life is around 3.5 to 4 hours, but I found it decreased fairly rapidly if I started pushing the machine. The review model came with a DVDCD-RW drive (the top of the range model comes with a DVD writer) and enough connectivity to place it a the centre of your digital hub: two USB 2 inputs, FireWire, memory stick reader, monitor out, TV out, sVideo, modem and infrared. It also has a locking point on the back.

The X05 has a 1.5GHz Pentium M processor with 512Mb memory, upgradeable to 2Gb, a 40Gb hard drive - is ample for most (top-range models come with 60Gb) - and a crystal clear 14.1-inch TFT screen.

It's not the cheapest laptop on the market, but it's well-made and it certainly cuts the mustard. And in its class, it weighs less than many of its competitors.

Samsung X05

Pentium M 1.5 Ghz processor, 512Mb memory, 40Gb hard drive, two USB2 inputs, FireWire, memory stick, DVDCD-RW, 14.1-inch TFT screen.

Size: 31.6cm x 25.9cm x 3cm Price: ranges from pound;899 to pound;1,099

Fitness for purpose *****

Ease of use *****

Features ***

Quality *****

Value for money ****

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