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Freedom at risk

Reading Peter Coles's predictable views on the proposed new structure for schools (TES, October 24), I am struck by the presumption that local authority management would benefit our school. In a democratic process our parents voted against LEA involvement and for a truly community management of their school without political or other interference.

Since then we have gone for the best services at the right price for the benefit of our children. It is therefore not surprising that while we have improved provision in every aspect of our school's life we have done this without using local council or local authority services.

Mr Coles represents a centralised administration which needs control to survive. GM schools have flourished in an atmosphere of freedom and that is why the foundation school option is most appealing.

I would simply like to ask local authorities, in the quest for excellence for our children "what can you offer which would be of benefit to our school, and at what price?" EDWARD AADAHL

Headteacher Crossgates GM primary Kiln Lane, Milnrow, Rochdale

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