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Freezing out dissent on climate change

Vilification of anthropogenic climate change sceptics is widespread, particularly among teachers, so Johnny Ball's experience was of no great surprise ("Johnny Ball: climate change zealots are out to ruin me", 18 February).

The problem stems from the lack of information on climate change and the lack of time we have had to scrutinise it. Few realise that some learned journals have become susceptible to the influence of peer reviewers and editors who no longer adopt a view that a scientific research paper questioning anthropogenic climate change or providing evidence in support of natural climate variability should be published.

While there are many books presenting opposing sides of the "debate", I have found only one, Chill: A Reassessment of Global Warming Theory by Peter Taylor, that presents evidence for and against the so-called consensus view. It should be required reading for science teachers and those writing educational resources on climate change.

Chris A Butlin, Former science teacher and educational consultant, Sutton upon Derwent, York.

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