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Fresh fruit and veg all round

An attack on fat and salt in school lunches has been launched by Glasgow City Council.

More fruit and vegetables are being introduced to all 197 primaries and 32 special educational needs schools as part of the latest phase of the city's campaign on healthy eating.

It has listed 70 items such as the traditional steak pie, potatoes and cabbage that caterers will be expected to offer on rotation every two weeks.

The cost of a meal will stay at pound;1.15 cost and children will be able to choose from a menu that includes a main meal, vegetarian meal, snack, baked potato, sandwich, roll or salad.

A pilot in four primaries tested the new menus which are designed to be more nutritious and enticing to 43,000 children who will be encouraged to learn about the five main food groups in their classes.

A spokesman said: "Encouraging youngsters to eat more fruit and vegetables is a core aim. The initial focus of the new menu is to reduce the fat and sodium content of the food on offer in the Fuel Zones while increasing their calcium, iron and folic acid content."

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