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Fresh thinking due soon on the disadvantaged

In his interesting article last week, "White working class needs the minority treatment" (Insight, October 29), Karamat Iqbal accidentally misattributes the 5As model of Awareness, Acceptance, Area Focus, Alignment and Action. The quote Mr Iqbal uses is actually taken directly from our research report in 2008, Successful Leadership for Promoting the Achievement of White Working-Class Pupils.

We support the general thrust of Mr Iqbal's article. White "working-class" pupils have been at a disadvantage in our current system for a long time but they are not the only ones. There is a lot to be learned from the leaders who, in pockets, have successfully tackled inequity of different kinds. We have recently reviewed our research and experience across this field and increased our alliterative list.

Routledge will be publishing the result early in 2011; just in time, we hope, to help schools decide how best to use their increasing freedoms and to spend their pupil premium.

Professor Denis Mongon, Visiting professorial fellow, London Centre for Leadership in Learning, Institute of Education, London University; and Professor Christopher Chapman, School of Education, Manchester University.

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