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The Friday Five: Reasons to date a teacher

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Teachers are among the hardest-working professionals in the country, so being in a relationship with one can be a testing experience. But in this short guide to dating teachers for the uninitiated (ie, non-teachers), we take five of the biggest potential pitfalls and show how a slight attitude adjustment reveals that teachers are, in fact, ideal dates. 

  1. They never have any time.  Between the endless grading, the lesson planning and the parents’ evenings, your teacher date will barely have time to see you during the week. But fear not! Absence makes the heart grow fonder. And every relationship needs some "me" time. 
  2. They never stop being a teacher.  When you do finally find some time to go out, your date with a teacher will inevitably end up being educational. This is not always intentional. Be prepared to carry around a wad of leaflets and a canvas bag full of useful trinkets, "perfect for next week’s lesson on <insert topic here>".  However, with all the extra learning, you’ll find your quiz team suddenly does a bit better on a Sunday night and you’ll be one step closer to winning that keg of beer.
  3. They come with children. At least 30 of them, sometimes more, who will inevitably take up valuable time that your teacher date could be spending with you. But at least these children won’t cause havoc at your birthday cookout (because they won’t be there), and they'll provide gifts of candy and wine at the end of the year. It’s a good compromise.
  4. They are underpaid. A teacher’s salary rarely reflects the hours they dedicate to moulding the young minds of tomorrow. But the upside, given that they never have any time to spend what they earn (see point 1), is that they often find they have rather a lot more to play around with when it comes to the bigger luxuries in life, which is particularly helpful because…
  5. They can only go on vacation at certain times of the year. This, naturally, just happens to be when the kids are going on vacation. And of course, it also happens to be the most expensive time of the year. Ultimately, however, you’ll go to some exotic, and unexpected, locations – mainly because the more unusual the trip, the less likely you are to bump into parents from school. Piña colada in Bali, anyone?

So, you see, with a little bit of creative thinking there are plenty of benefits to dating teachers. Of course, if you are a teacher looking to date another teacher, well…very best of luck to you.

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