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Friday Hero

Dorothy Wilson has been the connecting thread that's helped to hold Ashleigh school together in extremely difficult times. It's a school in North Shields for pupils with severe and multiple learning difficulties aged two to 19 and, in her 16 years of service there, Dorothy has worked for seven heads or acting heads.

Ashleigh is due to close this summer, to merge with another special school in the autumn and to become Beacon Hill. The good news is that Dorothy will be a familiar face to staff and students, becoming the administrative officer for the upper school. Everyone speaks highly of her calm disposition and friendly nature. Today at an open day bringing past and current pupils together, headteacher Helen Jones will present Dorothy with our flowers, champagne and chocolates. "I have valued her professional and personal support and her wicked sense of humour," she says.

Friday magazine has one more edition before the end of term. Don't leave it too late to thank the person who's a gem in your school. Tell The TES you've got a national treasure and we'll try to make them a Friday Hero.

Flowers kindly supplied by Marks and Spencer

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