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A SILVER-haired man stands at the reception desk of the DFEE's Sanctuary Buildings HQ remonstrating with an official.

"No sir, we can't let you in without a pass."

"But I only stepped outside for a moment and I've lost it."

"Sorry sir, rules is rules."

"Don't you know who I am?"

Enter a third man brandishing the latest copy of The TES. Computer advisers' association executive member Danny Owen (for it is he) gestures to the front-page picture: "I can testify that the person in question is Lord Puttnam, chair designate of the General Teaching Council, Oscar-winning film-maker and producer of Chariots of Fire, and moreover, personal friend of His Majesty the Prime Minister." Or something to that effect. Lord Puttnam is re-admitted. Expect prominent GTC role for Danny Owen soon.

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