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Friends united

Back to more revelations from Lucky Jack, the superb life story of our most gracious First Minister and former Education Minister. Political hackette Lorraine Davidson tells us of Jack McConnell's many acquaintances from student days at Stirling yoonie and Stirling Council.

"His friend Ian McKay went on to become a senior official with the EIS teaching union and, while McConnell was Minister for Education, he provided Ian with valuable advice." Now about that McCrone deal . . .

McKay has since moved on, of course, and is currently responsible for promoting the Post Office in Scotland. Perhaps acting on "valuable advice"?

To balance things up in terms of union-management relations, Lucky Jack is also good pals with Labour MP Michael Connarty and his wife Margaret. Might that be Margaret Doran, ex-education supremo in Stirling who has lately moved south? The very same.

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