Front-line food notes

Mark Holliday, in S4, was Springburn's star healthy eater last year, collecting more than 3,000 points which gave him an iPod shuffle and cinema tickets.

He chooses the Vital Mix - a selection of six healthy items including soup, fruit, yoghurt, water and a sandwich - as well as a healthy breakfast.

"I like the new plasma screens because instead of asking what is in the Vital Mix, you can look at the screen. I'm trying to win the PSP games system, but I'll need 6,000 points for that," he says.

Michael McDade, in S4, chooses the Vital Mix "when there's nothing less healthy left". He usually has pizza or chicken curry, despite their not carrying reward points, because they are "nice".

However, he is not attracted to the food outlets outside the school.

Sophi Burns, 13, in S2, used to go to the cafe in the local shopping centre and buy chips and gravy, but the gravy "stank", she says, and she now prefers the healthier options. The school menus are "quite nice", she says.

The food is also cheaper and lets her save money, she adds.

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