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Frontline History series

Frontline History series (Modern World). Germany 1918-1945 By Andrew Boxer. Series editor: Derrick MurphyCollins. Price: pound;7.99. Tel: 0870 7871612.


Provides comprehensive and detailed coverage of Weimar and Third Reich Germany, including a final section on Germany at war. Each of the six sections is divided into double-page spreads, with content carefully matched to the three main Modern World specifications. A study skills section at the beginning of the book provides some basic guidance on answering GCSE questions.


Questions - mostly of the "Study source 4I" variety - are attached to each double page. Occasionally students are invited to "investigate" a particular issue through a recommended website. Four of the six sections end with a selection of exam-practice questions linked to different awarding bodies. Students are provided with sample answers together with examiners' marks and comments.


Has a clear and colourful, if rather repetitive, design. Most pages are arranged in double columns with small visual sources. Frequent section headings provide clear visual signposting and there is a helpful integrated glossary. Fact-files, mini-biographies and clear maps help to enliven the format.


A good core text providing detailed coverage carefully linked to different specifications. Students are given some useful exam guidance. However, lively teaching would be needed to foster students' interest and excitement in much of the material.

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