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Frustrated by Edexcel problems

WHILE not wishing to jump on the bandwagon, I feel compelled to tell you of my own dealings with Edexcel. I am head of history at a north London comprehensive and my experiences highlight a level of incompetence that should concern all of us connected with education.

Last September I applied for two re-marks on the AS-level history paper, syllabus 8264. At the time of writing, I have yet to receive a response. In the intervening four-and-a-half months I have made 15 to 20 phone calls and spoken to at least six people, each of whom has assured me that my request was being dealt with and that I would soon be receiving a reply.

Not one person has accepted any responsibility for the fact that the exam papers are still to be re-marked, leaving two A-level students worried and confused. They are now faced with the decision of whether to re-sit this module but are unable to make it as they don't yet know if their original marks are going to change.

Were it not for the fact that all of our GCSE and A-level students follow Edexcel courses, I would gladly change exam boards as I fear that such a situation could well arise again in the future. I would be intersted to know if any other readers have experienced similar problems.

L Rich Address supplied

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