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Frying tonight

Jotter fell among home economists in Glasgow last Saturday and we were reassured to see that rules are rules. "No food or drink to be consumed in this area" read the stern admonition in the lecture theatre of Queen's College - oops, Park campus of Glasgow Caledonian University.

"Capability" was the theme which Denis Stewart of the Scottish Consultative Council on the Curriculum chose to underline the place of home economics in the curriculum. This was after he got lost and arrived late following an ultimately successful attempt to find the venue.

The conference was addressed by Annie Anderson of Dundee University, who rejoices in the title of "professor of food choice" (within the school of management and consumer studies) and drew attention to Scots' stubborn commitment to greasy chips, pies, etc.

We were delighted to note, however, that this did not affect the partiality of the delegates' guide to the city which was happy to point the healthy eaters in the direction of Harry Ramsden's restaurant for some "Glasgow fish and chips". Unless they preferred the more upmarket Ubiquitous Chip instead.

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