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A fummey thing happened

Bruce Fummey is by day a mild-mannered physics teacher, but by night the fummiest (sorry funniest) comedian on the Afro-Celtic comedy circuit (he says).

Just last month the man in the lab from Larbert High was voted Wag of the Year at that most prestigious of occasions, the Wags Dinner, which was held in the Marriott Hotel in Glasgow.

But it didn't end there. During the Easter holidays, he went to Leeds as the only Scot to be filmed for the programme Stand and be Counted. This will air during the summertime on Teachers' TV and is an attempt to find the country's funniest teachers.

The filming included early material Fummey has written for the one-man show he is preparing for the Edinburgh Fringe. Billed as an hour of stand-up comedy about physics entitled The Greek, the Apple and the Time Machine, it will run for three weeks. He will also be comp ring his own comedy club show, Just Laugh, and has plans for a Highland tour.

"Many people ask me if teaching and stand-up aren't a strange combination, but I see teaching as doing stand-up and slipping in a bit of education when the kids aren't watching," he says.

OK, that's enough advertising. But we thought we had better warn that other famous physics teacher, our own Gregor Steele, that a rival has arrived.

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