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Fun without the great outdoors

If the British weather sticks to its predictable pattern, then you can forget all those outdoor games lesson plans you've been working on. Why not try these indoor games instead? You can seize the spirit of a big, sporting summer, do them all in the classroom and no one need even get changed.

Tiddly winks - it's what those numeracy counters have been crying out for.

Shove ha'penny soccer - a pupil makes a goal out of fingers on one side of the desk, while another has two shoves to get the penny through.

Recycling basketball - practise scrap paper "free throws" into the recycling box.

Strictly dance mats - ask a pupil to bring one in for a day. Truly unleash the potential of the interactive whiteboard Pin the tail on the donkey - one of my pupils gave it a historical makeover and played "pin the eye on the Cyclops".

Balloon keepie uppies - they make their own rules and it lasts for ever.

Skittles - empty water bottles can be useful.

Paper aeroplanes - open a window and challenge them to fly one through.

Battleships - as good as it ever was.

Fantasy World Cup - check out Or of course you could always do quiet reading.

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