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Funding Council gave early guidance to colleges

In your article headlined "Wilmorton case set to spark reforms" (TES, December 9), John Hall, head of education law at Eversheds, gives the impression that the Further Education Funding Council gave no guidance on college governance until it published its guide for college governors in May of this year. This is incorrect.

In 1992, the then Further Education Funding Unit recognised the importance of providing early advice for governors. It also recognised that producing a comprehensive document for the new sector would take some time. As an interim measure, it therefore sent to all colleges in February 1992 copies of the Polytechnics and Colleges Funding Council guide on governance. This covered the issues of conduct and accountability to which the two recent inquiry reports have given prominence. It was sent to colleges with the first circular letter to the new sector. This circular (9201) asked each principal to pass a copy of the guide to the chairman of the corporation.


Head of communications

Further Education Funding Council

Cheylesmore House

Quinton Road, Coventry

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