Funding fog should be resolved

The amount of money Wales receives to fund public services is determined by the so-called Barnett Formula. How well - or badly - Wales is served by this mechanism has been a matter for debate and disagreement for many years.

As organisations representing health, transport and education in Wales, we feel it is time to end the unhelpful claim and counter-claim culture which surrounds this issue.

Given that some estimates suggest that Wales might be losing out to the tune of pound;800 million a year, we are calling for a commission, made up of representatives from all the political parties and experts appointed through a public process, to examine Barnett and try to plot a way through the funding fog.

We hope that other organisations will join us in supporting such a commission.

Lee Waters National director Sustrans Cymru

Dr Tony Calland Chair BMA. Cymru Wales

Anna Brychan Director National Association of Head Teachers Cymru

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