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THIS week I attended a consultation meeting at County Hall as chair of governors. Here we heard that property services were to decide how much of the money earmarked for property improvement and maintenance they would keep to cover core services.

The rest of the money would then be divided up according to a formula...not yet agreed. So the money we will receive to cover these costs is, say, equal to X.

For the pleasure of providing this service they will charge not simply the delegated sum but an additional percentage (a) to cover the possibility that there will not be a 100 per cent take up.

So , they give you X and charge you X + a. There seems to be a fundamental flaw in this equation. Just where do we get (a) from?

Some large schools will be winners, as the formula allows them a larger budget and so they already have a wider expertise base within the staff complement. For the majority it will mean even more pressure not only on the budget but on the head and the governors who try to make things work.

Lynda Steele

23 Parkway

Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire

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