Funky chickens

You've got the lava lamp and the pudding bowl haircut. The Abba LP collection is complete and you feel funky in your white leisure suit. But you need something to complete the retro image. How about a two-and-a-half metre-wide rolling blackboard for the corner of your room? The internet auction site was selling a prime specimen of this once ubiquitous piece of school kit onThursday on behalf of an unnamed Birmingham school which is replacing it with a whiteboard. Buyers were told: "Although it is in used condition, it is rather a collectors' piece these days as these are no longer used in schools. Very Seventies. It does, however have plenty of life left in it, for someone who appreciates solid workmanship." Bids had reached pound;10 when we last checked, a measly sum for an icon of a bygone age.

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