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Funny money

When your logo is an elephant and your name is the Stewart Ivory Foundation, it is perhaps inevitable that you hold your event at Edinburgh Zoo.

The unlikely venue for the recent national conference on financial education for pupils, jointly run with LT Scotland, was a mansion surrounded by pens and cages.

Mike Baughan, soon to be retired LTS chief executive, seemed pleasantly unconcerned as he launched into his presentation on the merits of learning about dosh at school. But five minutes of that stuff was too much for some of the restless natives. Haunting, penetrating and continuous laughter from outside began to disturb the flow of Baughan's talk.

Was it a bird? A pack of hyenas? Teachers on a trip? Not a bit of it. A small family of gibbons had been primed to offer constructive criticism.

Gibbon and take, really.

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