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Further education listings - courses seminars and conferences

Courses and seminars


Tel: 01480 468885468198:

Christine Stewart

Managing students' behaviour

October 1: St Ives, Cambs

Peer support toolkit

October 7: St Ives

Application of number in post-16 programmes

October 16: St Ives

NLP in teaching and learning

October 17: St Ives

Retaining and motivating staff

October 21: St Ives

Mastering the media interview

October 22: St Ives


Tel: 01257 241428: Sharon Sixsmith

Supporting students with eating disorders

November 11: Leeds

November 12: Newcastle

Teaching GCSE mathematics in Sixth form and FE colleges

September 22: Chorley

Workload management

September 24: Chorley

Governor training

Risk management for governors

September 24: Chorley

Governance, performance management and self-evaluation : October 2: Chorley

AS modules in skill acquisition

September 24: Blackburn


Tel: 0115 854 1626: Michelle Chesterfield

Business manager network

October 7: Nottingham

Quality managers network

October 10 (PM): Nottingham

AoC international network



Raising standards in work-based learning

October 1: Nottingham

An introduction to ESF co-financing

October 16 AM: Nottingham


Tel: 01565 650 045

Motivating students to improve achievement

October 6: London

Getting to grips with poor performance

October 7: London

Moving into management: strategies, skills and styles

October 15: London

Getting the best from your staff

October 16: London

Basic skills: a new concept

October 20: London

December 8: Manchester


Tel: 01823 353354

Strengthening the leadership and management of work-based learning

September 23: Stratford-upon-Avon

Techniques for raising the achievement of reluctant and resistant learners:

motivational interviewing

September 30: London

October 01: Leeds

How to be an effective educational visits coordinator

October 1: London

October 7: Birmingham

October 14: Manchester

New programme managers: keys to success in your role

October 7: London

GCSE leisure and tourism: practical strategies for raising pupil


October 7: Birmingham

Adult and community learning: applying the LSC funding formula and managing

the data

October 8: London


Tel: 0116 204 4200

Broad, balanced and embedded: challenges and starting points in developing wider family learning provision

September 30: Chichester

October 7: Liverpool

October 14: Gateshead

UK on-line regional conferences

October 3: Manchester

October 15: Leeds

November 5: Bristol

November 18: Birmingham

November 27: London

Skills for life quality initiative programme of professional development

October 3: London

October 6: Liverpool

October 6: Bristol

October 6: Leeds

October 8: Norwich

October 8: Leicester

October 8: Birmingham

October 9: Guildford

October 10: Gateshead


Tel: 01823 335491: Elizabeth Yard

Differentiation in learning: helping the individual student

October 1: Taunton

Disability awareness workshop: focusing on the extension of the Disability

Discrimination Act and arising implication

October 2: Taunton

Exploring learning and teaching across further and higher education

October 6: Taunton

Grant funding: simple as 123!

October 7: Taunton

Funding guidance workshop: the changes and their impact on your


October 9: Taunton


Tel: 01932 253250

How front line staff will need to respond to the new Skills for Life basic skills ESOL initiative

October 14: London

Marketing the services of FE to budget conscious SMEs

October 15: London

Developing e-learning materials

October 16: London

People planning

October 21: London

Lesson observation

October 22: London

Success for all: quality improvement

October 23: London

Learner support awards

October 28: London


Defining and disseminating your mission: identifying and marketing key strengths in further education Keynote speaker: Alan Johnson MP, minister of state for lifelong learning, further and higher education

September 23: London

Tel: 020 7324 4330

NIACE annual conference on older learners

October 1: Bristol

Tel: 0116 204 4200

College examinations: annual national conference

October 1: Chester

Network Training

Tel: 01823 353354

Responsive qualifications: meeting the needs of learners, providers and employers

Keynote speaker: Ken Boston, chief executive, Qualifications and Curriculum

Authority (QCA)

October 2: London

Tel: 020 7324 4330

Understanding Whitehall and Government: the learning and skills sector

October 7: London

November 5: London

November 19: London

December 4: London

Tel: 020 7324 4330

TOPSS South East England Regional Conference

Developing the social care workforce: recruitment, retention and skills development in the south east

Chair: Marianne Davies, regional chair, Topss

October 9 Sunbury-on-Thames Tel: 020 7324 4330 info@neilstewart

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