Further information

* For further information on libraries' links with initial teacher training institutions, go to www.mla.gov.ukactionlearnacclitmatters.asp For details of the North West regional projects, go to www.mlanorthwest.org.uk museumslibrariesarchiveslibrariesliteraturematters

* Literature Matters will be evaluated and a final report published in September. Check the websites above for future developments and contact your local public library and schools library services for details of children's literature facilities

* For the 2003 Arts Council survey of children's literature, go to: From Looking Glass to Spyglass on www.artscouncil.org.uk

* Trainee teachers will soon be able to access, free of charge, the subscription-only schools' resources on the children's books website www.readingzone.com. Funded by the Arts Council, it should be available at all teacher training institutions later this year. Email info@readingzone.com.

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