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Gaelic enterprise

At 61 schools, not to mention more than 400 nurseries, across Scotland almost 1,900 pupils are being taught in Gaelic. Teachers can now obtain Gaelic copies of the enterprise education packs produced by Careers Scotland, provided they undergo training by one of the network of enterprise education support officers.

"Cultural inheritance and identity are linked to economic and academic achievement," says Theona Morrison, EESO for the Western Isles.

"Towns and cities are a big magnet for young people, so if you want to engender entrepreneurship in rural areas you have to have social and cultural confidence. We need to try to provide all the elements that contribute to that."

For more on the schools enterprise programme, contact Sarah Hall, Careers Scotland, tel 0141 429 1999, Gaelic language aspects, contact Theona Morrison, tel 01870 603180,

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