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West Bromwich Albion FC Study Support Centre, tel: 0121 525022


The DfES's Playing for Success site lists clubs with study support centres and gives practical ideas about using football in the classroom

The BBC's site has information about black players in football

Kick It Out features news, information and resources about racism in football and how to erradicate it

Work pack

Football and the National Curriculum. By Malcolm McHenry. Daniels Publishing, pound;19.95

This pack features worksheets on the history of football, as well as work promoting literacy and numeracy.


World War Two Ended At Wembley, May 1956, Not In May 1945 Haiku

Bert Trautmann's neck-break,

In May 1956,

Ended World War Two.

Stuart Butler

Bert Trautmann was a member of the Hitler Youth and a Nazi paratrooper.

After the war he played in goal for Manchester City and was much loved, especially after he broke his neck in the FA Cup Final against Birmingham City, but continued to defend his net! Manchester City won the game 3-1.


"My dad was at Tobruk, 1942, trying to kill my best mate's dad, who was trying to kill him," says Stuart Butler. "Martin (Stuart's best mate) tells me how difficult it was to grow up in England during the 1950s and 1960s as the son of a German prisoner of war. Bert Trautmann did a lot to help."

Stuart Butler's poem and words are quoted from

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