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Playbreak is a company run by two sisters with over 14 years' teaching experience in primary and secondary schools. The games produced by the company were originally made up to enhance their own classroom work and the intention behind the games is that they should be educational while still relying on an element of chance, so that children of all abilities are able to take part and enjoy them. The first game devised was Signs and Symbols Lotto.

This uses religious symbols, road signs, weather symbols and common public place signs to update the old family game of Lotto, priced pound;7. A pairs version aimed at younger children is also available, priced pound;6. Playbreak's newest game is Animal Families which is a collecting game based on the classification of animals. Players have to collect four animals from each of nine different groups ranging from mammals to molluscs, priced pound;5.50. All prices require pound;2 p amp; p. Playbreak has designed all the games to be suitable for children at Key Stages 2 and 3, as well as those with special needs.

* For further information and mail order contact Playbreak, 71 Howard Road, Leicester LE2 1XN (0116 2701005).

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