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Games set to match

We aim to forge links with sporting agencies in the community. This ensures we offer a range of sports that cater for all tastes and are likely to develop lifelong interests. So far, we have introduced everything from dance and skipping to judo. In each lesson we encourage pupils to invent their own games. They are given parameters, such as that the game must be sustained for 20 minutes and it must involve, for example, four players. Pupils then select their own equipment, decide rules, fix boundaries and co-operate with other players. At playtimes and lunchtimes we provide equipment, so these games can be developed independently. The children find them enormous fun. One, called Hoopy, involved two goals and four quoits. The two teams tried to score a goal by passing a quoit over the goal line.

Lesley Coulthard, headteacher and PE co-ordinator, New York Primary School, North Shields, North Tyneside

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