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Gang up against the bullies

I read with interest your article on bullying (TES, September 10). I was shocked by the results of your survey revealing that 35 per cent of parents believe their children have been bullied and that nearly a quarter said it had been physical.

I think a large proportion of the responsibility lies with the schools; they need to ensure that bullies are dealt with effectively and promptly.

Dealing with bullying is a complex process and research amongst 1,000 students, conducted by Dr Emily Lovegrove, a Lighthouse trainer, shows that the age-old advice of "ignore them and they will eventually stop" isn't successful. There are no easy answers but with the correct training from specialist organisations teachers can combat this problem.

There are a series of strategies that have been proven not only to raise the self-esteem of victims significantly, but also reduce bullying by nearly two-thirds.

Teachers need to know how they can empower young people, so they can cope with social difficulties and this training is imperative, because, as the press has recently highlighted, bullying can be a matter of life or death.

With the correct knowledge, teachers and parents can work together to make this a problem of the past.

Carl Brookes


Lighthouse Professional Development Monkhurst House Heathfield East Sussex

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