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Gap in youth training funding is challenged

Ian Nash writes: I did not write "70,000 trainees will lose out." I wrote that "70,000 new trainees could be left without college places this autumn.. ." I also pointed out that talks were underway to sort out the problems.

Nowhere do I say: "All the above puts the whole idea of Learning Credits in doubt.."

The Pounds 47 million mentioned was from TEC sources, based on the number of students transferring from FEFC to TEC funding under Youth Credits. Their estimates were: Pounds 23.3 million has been transferred for 46,000 in YT, about one-third of what it should be. Many TECs also referred to the funding "gap".

Employment and Education sources have said repeatedly that the Coopers and Lybrand report was with ministers in December.

My reference to the funding arrangements for part-timers in colleges under the new Youth Credits arrangements was as spelled out by the FEFC and colleges.

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