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Gardner's questions

Who would be a highly paid fat cat in these strenuous times? Glasgow's officials have been spending progressively less time with their families over the past few weeks as they took to the road defending the city's school closures programme.

Mercifully, their agony ends today (Friday) with the deadline for responses. This will be good news for George Gardner, the city's depute director of education, who recently braved a public meeting in St Leonard's Secondary in Easterhouse, where parents are not at all happy at their children going to St Andrew's Secondary in Carntyne.

"George, will the Lord Provost and other councillors suspended for alleged wrongdoings be allowed to vote on our children's future?" "George, do you know why I won't be sending my boy to Carntyne? Because he'll get cut up."

"George, don't you think you've got a cheek coming here with your Pounds 40,000 a year and talking to us about a painful exercise when it's our children who will suffer?" "George, what does ad hoc mean?" "George, how much do you actually know about education?"

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