Gaza's other side

NUT president Bill Greenshields seems sure of the causes of, and solutions to, the Middle East conflict (Letters, TES, January 9). I would listen more seriously if at any time during the last eight years, he had written condemning the trauma, injuries and loss of life suffered by Israeli civilians.

Although we commend the work the NUT does with Israeli and Palestinian teaching unions, its continued disproportionate blaming of Israel alienates a large number of Jewish teachers from involvement in the union.

A balanced response would also condemn Hamas' education system for teaching hate and violence, its use of children as human shields, and the 8,000 rockets fired into Israel. It would also recognise the suffering of Israeli children who have had their schools closed and spend their days in bomb shelters.

We expect teachers to give both sides to an argument; its about time the NUT did the same.

Daniel Needlestone, Chair, Jewish Teachers' Association.

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