Exam results have improved faster in grammar schools than in comprehensives and specialist schools since Labour came to power.

The average GCSEGNVQ points score of pupils at selective schools has increased by 5.8 points (equivalent to an extra GCSE grade B) since 19967. This compares to 4.5 points in specialist schools and 3.4 points in all schools, junior minister Ivan Lewis told the House of Commons last week.

Grammar schools also get the highest overall GCSE scores - 62.6 points, equivalent to nine grade As. This is almost 50 per cent higher than specialist schools (42.4 points). Specialist schools do slightly better than the average for all schools, which is 39.3 points.

GCSE points scores are based on a sliding scale with 8 points for an A* grade down to one point for a G.

Mr Lewis was responding to a question from Labour MP Helen Jones.

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