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General sport

September is a key month for sportscotland as it hosts a coaching festival at its national centre in Inverclyde. Coaching courses are on offer in a variety of sports such as athletics, basketball, handball and tennis, as the sports agency seeks to increase the number of coaches and volunteers throughout the country.

In addition to sport-specific courses, a number of three-hour seminars are available to help coaches recruit and develop youngsters. A seminar on "Developing Partnerships Between Schools and Clubs" is being offered tonight and on September 21 (6.30pm-9.30pm). It will advise teachers and coaches on forming school-club links which sportscotland believes are crucial to keeping youngsters involved in sport. It will also advise on a safe and effective transition from playing sport in school to playing at an adult level.

A seminar on "How to Coach Children in Sport" (also tonight and September 21) will look at methods of developing skills and address the specific needs and motivation of children.

Seminars on "Injury Prevention and Management" and "Motivation and Mental Toughness" will also be of interest to teachers and coaches.

Further information on specific courses can be obtained from the national centre at Inverclyde. T 0845 1260664.

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