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Gentlemen's disagreement

Who does Who's Who think it is? Quite shamelessly, the top people's directory tells us that primary heads are deemed "inappropriate" for inclusion, unless they have some other strings to their bow. Meanwhile, being a star secondary head is good enough. No committee memberships, published novels nor service with the RNLI necessary.

Does it matter? Yes, only because these attitudes are not confined to the gentlemen's clubs. They go along with the view that it's easier to teach five-year-olds than to teach A-level physics (even though teaching through play is a highly complex and controversial process), that moving from primary to secondary teaching is a promotion, and that 11-year-olds in Year 7 deserve better funding than their friends a few months younger. And speaking of gentlemen's clubs, have a look at the list of who's new in Who's Who's education entries on page 3.

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