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A key theme is the relationship between people and their environment (5 a-b), part of GCSE and A-level specifications.

* Record key weather conditions (air pressure, wind speeddirection, temperature and rainfall) for your area ( and compare these with the pollen count. How do conditions affect pollen counts? Why? What is the impact on human activity? Investigate the increasing incidence of hay fever ( Note the growth of housing on the rural-urban fringe and changes in agriculture, eg the increase in oil-seed rape production.

* Change in the countryside is also a key theme. Organise a role-play to examine GM crops from different points of view and include information about contamination of non-GM crops through cross-pollination ( gmcropstherisks3.htm or

* Pollen preserved in soil, peat and lake sediments is evidence of environmental change. Give students pollen profiles from different periods and ask them to sketch and label the corresponding landscapes.

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