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KS 2-5

A knowledge and understanding of environmental change is an integral aspect of the geography curriculum, and "how places may change in the future" is a PoS statement from KS2 onwards. Use this article and the website for creative 'futures geography', for homework or for a class display: lChoose one of the future environments and draw and label a field sketch to show the main landscape features, vegetation and animals.

lDraw three sketch maps of the "super continent" - one for an area the size of Europe, one for an area the size of the British Isles and one for an area the size of East Anglia. Use your imagination to create mountains, volcanoes, rivers, lakes and forests but have a geographical reason for the features, eg mountains where continents have collided. Describe what you would see if you went from source to mouth of one of your rivers.

* Design and name an animal that is adapted to one of the future environments. Add labels to explain its appearance.

* Draw a diagram to show the relationships between climate, soil, vegetation and animals for a small area of one of the futures environments.

* Investigate other sites that give information about "futures geography", eg globalwarmingkids

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