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Use images of Antarctica as part of a topic on "hot and cold" places.

Answer the question 'What is this place like?' (PoS 3a) with reference to climate, landscape, animals and people.

Compare Antarctica's appearance on different map projections with its true shape on a globe (PoS 2c).

* Work out how many times the British Isles (approximate area 300,000 square kms) would fit into Antarctica in a. the summer and b. the winter (see article) (PoS 2e).

* Draw a bar chart to show the heights of Antarctica and Ben Nevis and Scafell, Snowdon and McGillycuddy's Reeks (find these out from an atlas) (PoS 2e).

* Look at the images of Antarctica on the Mawson Station webcam Draw and label a sketch of the current image. Label onto it winter conditions in blue and summer conditions in red. Describe the differences between the "coldest" and "mildest" images in the weather extremes section (PoS 3a3c).

Use the Antarctic Treaty, eg as an example of international co-operation. Explain how it came about and why it is important. Do you think the treaty will survive the 21st century?

* Investigate the impact of human activity on Antarctica. What is happening? Why? With what effect? What could be done about it? What do you think is likely to happen in the future? The British Antarctic website is an excellent place to start

* Use Antarctica as an example of "exotic" tourism. Who goes there? Why? How? What are the advantages and disadvantages of visiting Antarctica?

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