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Use coral reefs for PoS 6e "an environmental issue, caused by change in an enviro2nment". The Great Barrier Reef website is a good resource, which includes teaching units, lesson plans, materials and video clips.

Grow your own coral! See "Coral and coral reefs"



www.coris.noaa.govabout is an excellent introduction and source of teacher materials. A poster to explain how reefs form, their main characteristics, the threats they face and the opportunities they offer would be a good introductory activity.

Use coral reefs as a case study for tourism: the information about the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park at is a good place to start.


Go to which allows you to display coral reef-related data and information on interactive maps. A wide range of focused tasks could be set, eg create and print a map to describe and explain the impact of the 2004 tsunami on coral reefs in the Indian Ocean.

Consider the question, "How should coral reefs be managed?" from different points of view, eg local fishermen, the tourist industry, ecologists. Coral Reefs in Crisis www.aaas.orginternationalafricacoralreefsch4.shtml and Reef Doctor www.reefdoctor.orgwho.asp offer interesting comparisons.

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