Geography - Forced out of their homes

It is not only wild creatures that live under constant threat. Across the globe, tens of thousands of people do not know whether their homes will still be standing when they return from school or work.

Every year, communities are made homeless and destitute in entirely unnatural disasters. From Romania to Brazil, Italy to Kenya, people have been forced out of their homes and off their lands with little or no notice, often with the threat or use of violence. They have lost their livelihoods and neighbourhoods, and their access to medical care, water and sanitation.

Children are particularly badly affected by forced eviction, missing out on schooling and often having to move far from friends and extended family.

Now Amnesty International has developed a creative resource that introduces young people to a community at risk of forced eviction and encourages students to take action on their behalf.

"Forced evictions, which happen all around the world, are a tragedy for people and their communities," says Naomi McAuliffe, Amnesty International UK dignity campaign manager. "We believe in development but we don't believe that people should have their lives and livelihoods ruined in its name."

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