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Geography in a good place

* The headlines and tone of your reporting about geography ("Primary geography loses its way" and "Palin enlisted in pound;2m rescue plan", TES, April 21) suggest a stereotype that it is time to put to rest.

There are problems to address in geography, but the subject deserves better than continual "crisis" headlines.

The recent Geographical Association conference had around 700 teachers of geography debating the "sensational" contribution of geography to the school curriculum. Those who couldn't get there can click to the GA's website to find out what went on - or indeed other forums such as the Staffordshire Learning Net.

The mood was overwhelmingly positive. The TES does not serve the interests of teachers by reducing curriculum debates and government initiatives, which are providing pound;2m of resources, to negative soundbites.

Sue Lomas


Geographical Association

22 Pendle Gardens

Culcheth, Warrington

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