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Geography - Resource of the week - Price tag of life

Helena Handbasket questions whether we can put a price on life in an interactive quiz.

What is it?

Based on the television quiz show The Price is Right, the PowerPoint asks pupils to guess the value of a number of household objects including a lamp and a KFC bucket. They are then asked to work out the financial value of the elements and organs of the human body. The shocking result: based on the global market of the gases, minerals and organs in our bodies, we are worth only #163;4.

Why is it useful?

It's an unusual introduction to the value and sanctity of life. It would lead nicely into discussions about organ trafficking, slavery and poverty. The light-hearted start to the quiz provides a provocative entry to the topic. Pupils are likely to be outraged by the idea that they are worth less than a fast-food meal. Is life sacred? Are we more than our physical properties? Get the debate started.

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