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Geography - In the spotlight - Carbon footprint

GreenTV's short film campaigns for changes in the way we think about climate change.

What is it?

Set to Sting's song Fragile, the video explores several human causes of climate change, from our smallest actions - using lights and computers - to the contributions of industry such as power plants and deforestation. The film introduces a range of solutions, including energy-saving bulbs and wind farms, and ends with a call to action, encouraging pupils to start making changes in their own lifestyles.

How to use it

Watch the opening sequence and get pupils to identify causes of climate change. Ask them to consider how many of these things they do. After watching the whole film, get pupils to create a booklet explaining why their peers should reduce their carbon footprint and how they can do it. Run this as a competition in the first month of term and arrange for copies of the best leaflet to be printed and distributed in school - a great way to celebrate excellent work and set high standards for the rest of the year.

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