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KS 1-2 A pond is an ideal feature to learn map-sketching. Younger pupils can be provided with an outline while older pupils can sketch the shape of the pond themselves. An appropriate activity is devising symbols to show features such as a reed bed, lilies and the back. Maintaining a pond is an ideal way of learning to care for the environment.

KS 3-4 Use a pond as a small-scale example of an ecosystem before an investigation of a major biome such as the rainforest.

Where is the best place to put a pond in your area? Use this question as the basis for a decision-making exercise.

Find out about the different types of pond, eg medieval fishponds, bog-pools (www.4qd.orgPAWL and

Survey ponds in your area, using Ordnance Survey maps and aerial photographs. What is happening to the number of ponds and why?

Read "Mystery of puddle still unsolved" What does this tell us about the characteristics of ponds?

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