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Get away: hang out with orang-utans

As an antidote to all that chocolate, discovery holiday specialist Guerba is offering a Taste of Borneo over the 13 days of Easter.

Billed as a leisurely adventure, the trip includes a two-day climb through the jungle and orchids on the slopes of Mount Kinabalu, south-east Asia's highest peak. That's followed by a relaxing river ride to spot wild gibbon and rhinoceros hornbills in the rainforest, and a night on Selingan Island, where turtles come ashore to lay their eggs and hatchlings begin their baby staggers to the sea.

In between, there's a chance to say hello to Borneo's greatest ape at the Sepilok rehabilitation centre for orang-utans. Their name is a combination of the Malay for man, orang, and wildwood, hutan. Just don't say "Hey ginger!" and you'll be friends with these men of the wildwood in no time.

The price of pound;870 includes eight nights' accommodation in hotels or lodges, one night in a mountain resthouse, three nights in park chalets, selected meals and an experienced guide throughout, but not flights. Guerba can arrange return flights, departing London at 10pm, on April 12, from pound;690 per person. Details: 01373 826611;

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