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GRANADA TOOLKIT SUPPORT PACKS: KEY STAGE 1: Ourselves. Minibeasts. Houses and Homes. KEY STAGE 2: Ancient Greece. Weather. Graveyard Study. Granada Learning pound;20 each. Tel: 0161 827 2660. Format: PC.

This series complements Granada's Primary Toolkit software. Each support pack runs directly from the CD-Rom- all of the titles, from Houses and Homes to Ancient Greece come with an overview of the five or six activities on offer, followed by a detailed lesson plan showing how the tasks are related to the national curriculum and the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority guidelines in ICT, as well as detailing cross-curricular links. Some are further supported by activity sheets that can be edited and printed.

You can also obtain a flowchart of how each title links to ICT requirements for graphics, data handling and word processing, or across the curriculum in numeracy, art, music, geograph, history, science and literacy.

Tasks vary from individual work to group-based discussions and projects, some for the classroom, others (such as in Minibeasts and Graveyard Study) for field trips. Some tasks are more obvious than others, but all integrate ICT with well-designed activities ready to be loaded into Primary Toolkit. Graveyard Study also incorporates a database (which I had a few problems with) and some lovely literacy ideas on character portraits that would integrate nicely with work on the Victorians.

Some activities are much better than others, and computer-literate colleagues are probably already doing what's on offer here. But if you are not confident using ICT across a range of subjects and are already committed to Primary Toolkit, these packs will provide the ideas, advice and support you need. Granada Learning plans to add further titles to this series.

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