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Get teenage kicks out of governing

Kris Brown goes all misty-eyed about his days as a pupil at Brettenham primary, Edmonton, north London, where he is about to become a governor. "A lot of things have changed," he says wistfully. "Standards have gone up dramatically since I left in 1996."

Yes, you read that right. Brettenham's new LEA governor left his primary just eight years ago!

Kris, 19, and a Labour party nominee on the governing body, believes he may be the youngest governor in the country. He has already served a year as governor of nearby Cuckoo Hall primary and recently left the governing body of Aylward secondary school, where some of the pupils were older than he was.

"The funny thing is the head at Brettenham, Linda Squelch, was there when I was a pupil," says Kris, a fresher politics student at the University of Westminster who plans a career in politics.

Fortunately for Kris and, perhaps, for Linda, he was too "nerdish" to get into trouble at school. "I was always a very good boy. She was a fantastic head. I haven't a bad word to say about her," he says. "There haven't been too many comments made about my age. We are all adults, after all." Barely, Kris, barely.

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